We have a dream: to make you FLY.

Special processes

Precision machines

S.I.ME. srl

S.I.ME is a family owned Company, manufacturing complex machined components for the Aerospace & Defence market. 
Our parts are assembled in Actuation Systems, Landing Gears, Hydraulic & Fuel distribution Systems, advanced Defense systems, bith for fixed and rotary wings aircrafts.


Since its foundation in 1950, SIME has invested in equipment, tools and PEOPLE, in order to follow the Customers on the path of innovation.
We have gained significant experience in machining materials such as Titanium Alloys, Carbon Fiber and Inconel, in fully exploiting our 4 and 5 axis Vertical Workcenters combined with an up-to-date CAD/CAM software. In order to be aligned with the Aerospace market and industry developement, we are also part of important projects and associations


Our Customers are leading Companies in the Aerospace & Defense market, both Italian and European. The components that we manufacture and assemble become part of Actuation systems, Landing gear, Hydraulic and Fuel Distribution Systems, Advanced Defence systems, both for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. Main programs in which we participate are: AW169, AW189, A350, A320neo, Tornado, EFA, Embraer E-Jet, Bombardier C-series, Ariane V,...


SIME manufactures parts in various alloys such as 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH, Inconel 718, Stellite 6, 7075, Peek, etc. Our skilled technicians have acquired significant experience in the following NADCAP approved Special processes: PH-steel Precipitation, Magnetoscopic and Liquid Penetrant Inspection NDT. SIME manufactured parts are flying (or will fly) on A380, A320 neo, AW169, AW109, AW189, Bombardier C-Series, A350, B777x, Embraer, Comac 919, Tornado, EFA, AMX, …