We have a dream: to make you FLY.

  • 1950

    The beginning

    S.I.ME. is a family owned company, founded in 1950, and immediately active in the field of precision machining. In the first two decades it focuses on parts for Defence, motorcycles and energy.

  • 1970-1980


    The 70's the Second generation takes over and the Company has a significant growth due to the Printers and tipolithography equipment Market. Company Nebiolo relies on SIME for the complete constructionand assembly of its main models. The development of this market suddenly ends at the end of the decade.

  • 1980-1990

    Aerospace and Defence

    The 80's SIME enters the market of Aerospace and Defense, becoming the supplier of many Italian leading companies, such as Nardi, Magnaghi, SIAE Marchetti, Breda Meccanica Bresciana and Agusta. Investments both in equipments and in trained professionals to be able to meet the increasingly complex requests from Customers. In the late 90's SIME turnover is completely resulting from Aerospace and Defense Market.

  • 2006 - today


    In 2006 SIME lead shifts to the third family generation: SIME continues to focus on Aerospace and Defense market and, thanks to its Customers, starts a sustainable growth in terms of turnover, capability and capacity of its Team and Equipments. EN 9100 certification, accomplished in 2005, is strengthened by NADCAP approvals for Non-destructive Testing (Magnetic Particles Inspection & LPI) and heat treatment (Stress relieving and Precipitation Hardening). In 2015 a new plant is added next to the existing one, allowing the introduction of new CNC machines, rationalization of Special Processes Department, a brand new assembly department and an MRO line. Since 2013 SIME exports its products. SIME is member of ALTAIR consortium.



    SIME strategy is to continue on the current path, keeping the Lean culture as company leitmotif, and relying on the knowledge, dedication and experience of its employees. They have real 'PASSION' for what they do !!! Flexibility and ability to keep promises, both in terms of product quality and on-time-delivery, shall continue to be our competitive advantage. The cooperation with our Customers, both in Italy and abroad, will give SIME an opportunity to innovate both from a manufacturing point of view and from the organisational one. Partnerships built through the cooperation with “Torino Piemonte Aerospace” and ALTAIR will allow us to compete with competitors always more 'capable', providing a completely finished product thanks to the support of our qualified Supply Chain.